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Long time listener, first time caller :wave:

I'm curious if anyone has a recommendation for gamers? I'm building my first projection set-up and have been considering the Elite Cinewhite or Powergain (along with about 50 other options!)

Details about my set-up...

- non-ideal room (i.e. a living room with white walls and ceilings)
- RS20 Projector (on order)
- Usage:
- 40% console games (mainly shooters online like COD4, H3, etc.)​
- 40% movies (I tend to be a social movie watcher, so maybe ambient light at times)​
- 20% TV​
- 92" diagonal size, will be a retractable model
- 17' from seats to screen (the screen size and distance are limited by the room, thank you narrow NY apartment!)

I'm just curious what y'all think would work best for gaming or if it matters. If there's something out there you think would be better, I'm all ears.

Thank you very much!

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Hi Andrew!

Welcome to the Shack!

I moved your post to it's own thread just to keep things more tidy. :)

Since you want a retractable screen, that pretty much limits your choice to commercial screens at the moment, although it is possible to paint such a screen later.

I have no experience with commercial screens so I'll have to let others respond to that need.

Perhaps taking a look at the Sticky thread :Manufactured Screens and Professional Paint Mixes" would be of help to you.
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