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Which USB MIDI interface for Win 7 x64?

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Hello everyone,

Can someone please recommend a cheap USB MIDI interface that will work with Windows 7 64 bit to allow me to automatically set filters in my BFD when using REW?

I found one cheapo product on Amazon for about $5 that had decent reviews, but the fine print says it is Windows 7 32 bit only. I was also thinking about the M-Audio USB Midisport Uno MIDI Interface. But again I wasn't sure if this would work on x64.

I was wondering if someone out there running Windows 7 x64 can tell me definitively what USB MIDI interface will work on it.

Also I see some references to people saying they are buying the USB MIDI interface PLUS a MIDI cable. When I look at these products (such as the Midisport) it looks like it comes with the MIDI cable too. Is this right, or do I have to purchase a cable (and if so, what kind) along with the USB MIDI interface?

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Update - I wound up going with the M--Audio Minisport UNO. Apparently just a few weeks ago they released x64 drivers. Anyway I just wanted to report that I installed the latest drivers from their web site, plugged in the UNO to the USB and it recognized the drivers and was ready to use in a few seconds. No muss, no fuss. Then I verified I was able to successfully write filters to the BFD. Nice! Glad I finally motivated to get the MIDI interface and update my BFD to v1.4 of the firmware...
Thank you for the update! I just had the same question and conveniently came across your post on the first page :)
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