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Which USB MIDI interface for Win 7 x64?

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Hello everyone,

Can someone please recommend a cheap USB MIDI interface that will work with Windows 7 64 bit to allow me to automatically set filters in my BFD when using REW?

I found one cheapo product on Amazon for about $5 that had decent reviews, but the fine print says it is Windows 7 32 bit only. I was also thinking about the M-Audio USB Midisport Uno MIDI Interface. But again I wasn't sure if this would work on x64.

I was wondering if someone out there running Windows 7 x64 can tell me definitively what USB MIDI interface will work on it.

Also I see some references to people saying they are buying the USB MIDI interface PLUS a MIDI cable. When I look at these products (such as the Midisport) it looks like it comes with the MIDI cable too. Is this right, or do I have to purchase a cable (and if so, what kind) along with the USB MIDI interface?

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I’m sure you can find something here: Google USB MIDI interface Windows 7 64

Not sure what the point is, though. You can enter the filters by hand in less time that it takes to connect the cable and enable the feature...


The Cakewalk UM-1G on P. 1 of the search claims it’ll work with 7-64. The Roland UM-1EX has drivers for 7-64. There are a few others listed on P. 3 from Yamaha, Behringer, M-audio and others.

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