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If I plan to use two screen types which one should I calibrate my projector on? The white screen will be used for movies where I would want the best colour reproduction but I think if I calibrated on the white the performance on the grey would be poorer? If I did it the other way round perhaps the performance on white would be more forgiving?
Calibrate both. While I don't have a Panny AE4000, most projectors usually let you save a couple of different user settings. My BenQ allows me to save 4 IIRC.

Secondly, If I want an ambient light compensating grey that will allow me to watch TV/Sport with an adequate picture quality would Black Widow be the way to go with this projector?
But of course! ;) Nothing is more well known or more well used than Black Widow. Accept no substitute! :T
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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