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Why I avoid buying "factory reconditioned" receivers

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I did this twice and regretted it both times. I also did this with two TVs and regretted it twice.

I suspect these units have been sold to customers who returned them to the seller under warranty. In the case of the receivers, each receiver I returned had a different issue. When I returned them to two different sellers, both asked my if I had the original box, cables, remotes, etc.
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Long time buyer of MANUFACTURER FACTORY REFURBISHED electronics here (and have also been employed in this business too). No problems with any of them, including both Harman and Yamaha AVR's that are still in service. These units always come with factory original boxes, cables, remotes, manuals etc.; and generally go through thorough QA and an extended burn-in to assure they are functional. So if you ARE unfortunate enough to have a problem, there is no problem in returning them as they generally carry the same warranty as new.

Now if you go with schlocky non-manufacturer "factory reconditioned" units, yea you are generally getting customer returns without original packing/remotes/factory warranty, etc. Avoid those at all costs.
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