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Why MDF?

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OK DIY speaker builders. I'm looking around at speaker designs and can't help but wonder why so many of you choose MDF? I love woodworking and want to create great sound that looks like a piece of furniture. I couldn't sleep at night if I went to Veneer over MDF, why make it myself if I do that? Is there an audible sound difference?

Feedback is welcome.
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Plywood will vibrate more than MDF and allow more midrange energy to bleed out of the cabinet through the walls, which is bad for the sound of the speakers. Hence the suggestion to use more bracing and dampening materials.

Not going to argue with anyone else out there, this is just somethign I came across..
I guess I'm just playing Devil's Advocate. :devil:
I think one needs to qualify the statement you quoted. Sure, regular AC grade softwood ply is not a great choice. But we are talking about 13 ply void free hardwood birch plywood in this thread; a different animal.

Thanks for all the good tips folks. I've never gotten denser than 9 ply of any type. I'll look into that!
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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