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This should clear up the false accusations and such concerning what happened between Exodus Audio and Home Theater Shack.

On March 15 (one month prior to his renewal date)... Kevin Haskins notified me that he would no longer be continuing his forum here.

I just wanted to give you the heads up that I'm not going to be continuing with my forum at Home Theater Shack.​

He CLEARLY stated that this had nothing to do with us... and even complimented us.

It has nothing to do with you or anyone at the Shack, you guys have been awesome.​

We in turn made him an offer to keep the forum open and allow our staff to moderate the forum.

As much as I appreciate your offer, I think it is probably best to close the forum.​

Kevin had further clarified that he will continue his business... and we will continue to offer help with his products here at the Shack, just like we do other sub driver vendors who are not sponsors. The only difference will be that Exodus Audio will no longer have a dedicated forum. That is not our choice and we respect the decision Kevin has made... we will honor his decision.

We have never stated Kevin was closing his business... nor have we insinuated it. The fact that we offered to continue the Exodus Audio forum (and initially made that public) should be indication enough to people that Exodus Audio is not closing their business. I am not sure what good a forum would do if you are out of business.

If you would like anymore details as to why Kevin wants his forum closed, you can contact Kevin.

For the record... the door will be open for Kevin should he change his mind and decide he wants to reopen his forum. We have no quarrels with Kevin whatsoever and only wish him the best in his business.

I do my best to ignore such nonsense, but there has been quite a bit of unfounded, unsubstantiated and totally false information floating around... not to my surprise considering the sources. They have nothing better to do than do provoke discord among enthusiasts. It is truly a shame that they are this immature and could care less to verify the facts. They assume, insinuate, and draw conclusions without any regard to the truth.

I am glad we do not allow such childish behavior here at Home Theater Shack, which is one reason we are recognized as the most respectable home theater forum on the Internet... among those who matter. As many will tell you... we are truly a "breath of fresh air". Members can come here and escape all that nonsense and drama.

Have a great day!
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