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win isd question

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hello all,
just a quicky...
im having a play with win isd and a project for a friend (in car) its 4x the orion cobalt 15" (co154s-see here for the specs- http://www.carstereos4u.co.uk/15-subwoofers/orion-co154s-bass-speaker-840797-296183-.php)

the box is approx 140l for the 4 subs. it will be ported-but the tune is undecided.

when i put the available perameters in win isd and select 4 drivers - it seems to give me a quite a peak at the port tune freq.

it looks good though when i put the volume each sub will have in ie the 140l divided by 4.

so do i put 140 in or 35l ??

and are the limited t/s perameters enough to be a reasonable representation of the responce (the fact that it is in a car aside)

any help apppreciated!!:T
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Something is not right with your file. Here is the file with parameters supplied by the Orion website. The "auto calculate unknowns" feature was used to create the file.

View attachment Orion CO154S.wdr
where is the auto calculate unknown feature?
i couldnt see that one.
i cant open your linked file- im feeling distinctly useless right now!:dontknow::wave:
Click the link to download the file and save it to a known location. Then start up Win isd. Click new project and when the driver selection window opens, click new. A new window opens (this is where you would normally input your parameters). At the bottom are buttons to allow you to save, load, and clear (the check box to auto calculate unknowns is here, just to the right). Click the load button and load the previously downloaded and saved file. Once its loaded click save and then close the box.

You can then start a new project and the new driver just be in the drop down driver selection bar.

Ive checked the file and it works fine for me :T

Hope that helps.
A slightly easier way is save the file to the "Drivers" folder in WinISD.
A slightly easier way is save the file to the "Drivers" folder in WinISD.
I'm too used to dealing with the misses, and getting the reply of 'I cant find that folder' :scratch: :rofl2:
thankyou people, it took me ages to work out why it wasnt working- in the end it was because i had win isd and isd pro-using the same driver database ect-it was all screwed up!

couldnt have done it without you- small thing to some but, big to me!:D
Glad you got it working. You can now see why 140 liters for 4 subs won't work.
my mistake there, it was 220l not 140.....too many numbers!!!
im tuning to 24hz if you wanted to know-thanks all!!
im tuning to 24hz if you wanted to know-thanks all!!
that's sweet... pretty low for in-car!
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