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Win7 DRC only on HDMI, not optical. How to enable?

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The title pretty much say it all. Just last night I discovered win7's built-in DRC but on my HTPC setup it is only available on the HDMI output to the TV. I want to use it on the toslink output to the D/A but there is no tab to select this, only stuff like a 10 band graphic, loudness, and something else.

How to I turn on this feature in toslink?

I think it is using the Realtek driven instead of the Microsoft one. If that is the case, how do I remove it and replace it with the Microsoft one that =may= have the feature I need?
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Complicated question, but my guess is that the simple answer is that you can't. What hardware, what source?...more info might help someone help you.
My guess would be that the Realtek drivers have overridden the Microsoft drivers. First and easiest thing I would try is to download the latest Realtek drivers.
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