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Windows 10 and graphics corruption with waterfall

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Has anyone experienced any issues with REW's interface becoming corrupted under windows 10? The application works fine, but it starts drawing in the wrong parts of each window if I open up the waterfall and hit generate or hit the DB meter. The other function seem to work properly, so those two functions must make a specific call which causes something to fail, but I can't figure out what.

I have already uninstalled my gfx driver (nvidia, using the native uninstall and using DDU), java (used both version of rew, 32 and 64 bit java) and the rest of the standard troubleshooting steps for something like this.

Even happens when the gfx drivers are unloaded and it is using the native windows 10 drivers. So it doesnt seem to be related to my gpu.
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Disabling hardware acceleration might fix it, see this thread.
Got it, thanks! adding the option to turn off 3d worked like a charm.
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