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Windows 7

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Ok,... So what's the word? Good? Bad? Fair?
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I Beta tested W7-32 and 64 7000 release on a variety of old hardware just for fun. Ran W7-32 on NF2/Barton 3200 with 1G of ram, NF3/754pin 3200 1G ram, W7-64 on NF4/939pin 4600 2G ram. Loads fast, all my utilities seamed to work normal. Gamed on the 64bit rig. W7 requires about the same resources as XP ie:1/2 of Vista resources. Just bought W7-64 pro for new rig.
Right Sonnie, W7 is already coded for SSD. Couldn't be easier.
1 - 2 of 51 Posts
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