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Windows 7

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Ok,... So what's the word? Good? Bad? Fair?
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I'm using the 64bit Home Premium Windows 7 and it does run quicker but have had some problems with certain software as my Asus overclocking and Utilities does not work now,I suppose in time these issues will be fixed but overall I like it,certainly boots up quicker than before and the new menu system works very well...this I have loaded on my HTPC and not my laptop as I am still running Vists Ultimate, and will leave be for the moment...
I want to try it, but have been a bit reluctant. If it really improves on Vista 64-bit, then it will be worth it to me. I just updated to SP2. My biggest complaint with Vista is not the logon time, but he shutdown time. It takes my system 2-3 minutes to shutdown.
Sonnie - atm it still has quite a few bugs to Iron out before it is perfect as it certainly is not, Vista 64bit ran a lot smoother for me on my HTPC but I am not going to go back now but hopefully not just Microsoft but 3rd party software becomes more compatible as this has been causing me some issues :(

Shut down on my PC may be slightly quicker with 7 but not by much.
To be honest I do think that paying the premium prices for the new operating system is crazy, even the upgrades cost a fortune, I paid £80 for the Home Premium version and also asked for the disc to be sent to me and still not received it although I downloaded my upgrade version :rolleyesno:
Sonnie - you can ask for the serial numbers that come with the Windows 7 software and then check with microsoft whether it is genuine or not, a friend of mine got stung by a similar situation when he ordered a few Vista discs, but when checked via the big M they were certainly not legit...
1 - 4 of 51 Posts
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