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Just got finished doing a bunch of modeling in WinISD for the first time.

250L (8.8 cu ft) is the 'recommended' size (250L) - shown in 'red' on the graphs.

566L (20 cu ft) box - shown in 'blue' - is the size I think I'm going to build

Modeled with:
-Mach 5 Audio MJ-18M
-'signal' is 600rms to the sub - (despite the iNuke 1000dsp putting out 1000rms @ 4ohm)
-(1) 4" round port (ends up being 7.36 cm long)
-Box tuned to 21.50 Hz
-Xmax is almost reached at 15Hz and at 28Hz, but not surpassed

Could I get some quick confirmations that this design is 'safe' for the equipment, and that I'm not missing anything obvious before I cut the wood?


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