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WinISD plot problem

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Last nite I redownloaded WinISD and entered Fi IB18 data via the recommended proceedure from a thread on this forum. It worked perfect, one of few times I entered driver data with almost no unknows before clicking save and it was accepted.

But, I plotted the recommended/suggested sealed and vented and then my vented to compare all 3. The suggested vented has a completly flat FR to 0. I wish.

under box, it has 0 for tuning freq, and vent it has 0 for length

group delay is flat 0 as well, so on and so on


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18 cubes 20 Hz

( 10" port 23.25" long, 19.xx Hz )

Also, when I close out of winisd, it won't... errors..have to 3 finger salute

assuming bad driver entry??

I thought the specs were the same?

I guess first there was the 18 and 15, 18 had 3" coil and 15 had 2", so then he made IB2 18" with 2" and IB3 15 with 3"??

And something about the 18 went from 3 slugs to 2 and tighter gap... but same specs???

I guess I've tried to look into that several times and I get confused :blush:
Thanks, thats more like it...
I think my ISD is bad... I reopened it and did a new project, using already entered driver...1st on the list... closed out... same errors, had to 3 finger salute and end program

I just uninstalled it, gonna reboot and redownload

Thanks Mike!

So what gives on all these different versions? I read 2 different threads both stickied in Fi... I'm lost between all the diff versions

Mine's still in Colorado :(
It doesn't specify 64-bit, but yes Vista home basic service pack 1.... Just got a new PC 2 weeks ago....
The tutorial is the Help file. Go to the section on entering new driver data parameters and follow it explicitly and it works fine.

The condensed version is this:

or just follow the Help files. They say the same thing. use TAB after each entry to invoke the auto calculate feature.

1. Mms, Cms

2. Sd, BL, Re (ensuring that you know whether it is specified in series or parallel for dual voice coil drivers)

3. Qms

4. Xmax

5. # voicecoils (default is parallel)

but if Re, BL is specified in serial, then select serial and correct Re, BL that the auto feature messes up. If you have the series values for Re and BL and want to calculate the parallel values - initially perform the following to calculate them and then clear all entries and start at point #1.....
I'll just reprint what the help file says:
If there are several voicecoils, then you must be careful when entering parameters in that case, because many manufacturers give Bl in voice coils in series, because it yields double value for Bl against parallel connection. If driver manufacturer gives Qes, Bl and Cms or Mms, then you can check how Bl is specified. For that, you can enter following parameters to calculate Re: Qes, Fs, Mms or Cms and Bl. Connection mode can be changed by changing the combobox selection. The driver editor then converts Bl and Re values accordingly.

Equivalently, you can check for Bl by entering:

Qes, Fs, Mms or Cms and Re (for desired connection mode).

If you enter resistance for parallel connection and get about half of advertised Bl, then you know, that Bl was specified that way.

So, for example with the SoundSPlinter RL-P18-D4 where they specify Re=6.26 and BL=24.25, this would be two coils in series. You know this because two times 4 ohm is 8 ohms and so the 6.26 ohms is the pure resistive coils in series. If you want to calculate the parallel equivalent use the method I outlined above to first establish that and then clear and start at point #1.... (the answer for parallel would be Re=1.565ohms and BL=11.93070

Get it?

Cms isn't given, I just skip it?
I would really like to compare the 18 cubes @ 20Hz to the C4/SC4(SUB-)Chebyshev.... the default flattest responce autocalculated.

I am having the same issue.


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Ya, I put in Fs and everything else auto-calced except Le, Xlim, and the other Le...obviousely :D

Can you plot the suggested vented vs mine for me? I just get a flat line, no port length, no tuning.... Thanks Mike, I'm gettn flustered here
There is no "suggested vented" for the IB3-18 in WinISD. Due to the specific parameters of the sub the program doesn't come up with anything. You have to manually enter the tuning frequency and adjust the box size to suit.
:mooooh: MIKE! y didnt ya say so mate?!
I don't think ya need to be told, I'ma bone head... I thought I screwed up the params so I reinstalled and redid everything... and same. Perfect driver! Flat to 0! I gotta tell 'em... gather everyone around!~ Scott, you're gonna be a BILLIONARE!
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