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WinISD plot problem

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Last nite I redownloaded WinISD and entered Fi IB18 data via the recommended proceedure from a thread on this forum. It worked perfect, one of few times I entered driver data with almost no unknows before clicking save and it was accepted.

But, I plotted the recommended/suggested sealed and vented and then my vented to compare all 3. The suggested vented has a completly flat FR to 0. I wish.

under box, it has 0 for tuning freq, and vent it has 0 for length

group delay is flat 0 as well, so on and so on


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There is no "suggested vented" for the IB3-18 in WinISD. Due to the specific parameters of the sub the program doesn't come up with anything. You have to manually enter the tuning frequency and adjust the box size to suit.
Really? I've never seen that happen.:blink: Who would've thought.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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