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Wire gauge for 20' run - amp to sub?

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I'm remodelling our basement and turning it into a media/entertainment room... There's a small closet about 15' from where the equipment is going to be and I'm thinking about building an LLT sub in there in the future. It's about a 20' run end-to-end and far more convenient to run speaker cable to the closet than adding a power outlet in there.

So, what gauge wire would be best for a run of this distance? I figure I should plan for a 2 Ohm load and about 1000 watts depending what I'll build so I won't be too limited (no exact plans yet). It's not that big of a room and I don't really crank it so I can't imagine needing more than 1k of power to run this thing, maybe an ep1500 . I'm wiring the rest of the basement w/14 gauge in-wall for the rest of the speakers (full 7.1 setup)... Is 14 gauge enough for the sub too for a 20' run?

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It wouldn't hurt to run 12awg or even 10awg wire. Given the load that the sub will demand its better to have a thicker wire than not enough. 14awg is pushing it in my opinion.

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You're right, I guess it's just not worth it to save a couple of bucks to run the thicker wire.

I've been here at the Shack for a while, just never had to post since there's already so much info here!

Great place this is...

You can buy 8awg at home depot for $0.65 per foot heh. Or you can buy a spool of 10awg at partsexpress for pretty cheap actually.
Cool... I have to place an order from PE or monoprice soon anyway... mono has 12ga in-wall for pretty cheap. I'll check out PE too.
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