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I usually lurk about in the DIY speakers area, but I have a question about video transmission.

We have Direct TV HD service, with two receivers. One is in the family room. My wife hangs out in the kitchen doing kitchen things a lot, and looks into the family room to watch tv while thus occupied. The sound is no problem, and even though it is at a rather oblique angle the tv is watchable, but only from a few different places in the kitchen.

There is a wall in the kitchen area that would look good with a 37"-42" flat panel HD tv on it. However there is no easy way to get the signal to it (no coax, etc.). I really don't want to go through the hassle and expense of rewiring the area, not to mention the additional cost of another receiver. Additionally I wouldn't want those two TVs playing different stations anyway, as the sound would be be problematic.

So what would I like you might ask?

Glad you asked, I would like to slave one TV off of the other wirelessly.

Is there any such device that can be had for a reasonable sum? If so what is it called, and how do I find it?


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I found lots of differnt typs to choose from here. the one thing in common is that there does not seem to be any available that transmit HDMI or component. All seem to only do analog composit only. There is talk of a HDMI transmiter but its pricy at around $1000:dizzy:
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