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I've got two subs that I'm using, a Sony Xplod in a 2.2cu ft box and a TC Sounds dB-500 in a 4.2 cu ft box. The Xplod is single voice coil @ 4 ohms and the db-500 is DVC @ 4 ohms each. The Xplod is corner loaded to the left and behind the seating position, and the dB-500 is to the right and behind the seating position. I'm driving them with a Peavy IP-8.5C pro amp.

The dB-500 has the advantage of more power handling, more xmax, and a better designed enclosure. The Xplod has the advantage of being corner loaded.

As it is right now, the Xplod is putting out more sound at the listening position than the dB-500 is. I've got the dB-500's voice coils wired in parallel which brings the sub down to about 1.75 ohms and the two subs wiried in series, bring the total impedance to about 5.75 ohms.

My question is, how do I wire the dB-500 to get more power to the dB-500 than the Xplod? In other words, should I wire the voice coils in the dB-500 in series or parallel?

According to the math that I've done, running the dB-500's coils in series actually brings the sub's power up relative to the Xplod. Here's the math.


Series-Parallel - 435w @ 50v
4+(3.5/2)=5.75 ohms
8.7*50= 435w

Xplod - 4 ohms @ 8.7a = 34 v = 295.8 w
dB-500 - 1.75 ohms @ 8.7a = 15.25 v = 132.65 w

Series-Series - 227.5w @ 50v
4+3.5*2= 11 ohms
4.55*50= 227.5w

Xplod - 4 ohms @ 4.55 a = 18.2 v = 82.81 w
dB-500 - 7 ohms @ 4.55 a = 31.85 v = 144.92 w

Which way should I wire them?
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