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Wohler LM53-8 channel high resolution analog level meter unit

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Ok Im really sad to see this go but with my wife's recent cancer diagnosis and things looking a bit rough I need to drive over to Winnipeg Manitoba next week (a 14hr drive) so my wife can be with family before she is too sick to travel.
However I must replace the rear tires on our mini-van before we go so I need some fast cash.
So I am selling this 8 channel analog unit. I am looking to get at least $200 as these normally sell for much more and new are $1500.

Here are some details:

The Wohler LM53-8 is a rackmount Analog 8-channel multi color LED level meter, equipped with four 2-channel 53-segment high resolution Bargraph displays, and offering simultaneous VU and PPM display ballistics, a dedicated brightness trim control, 70dB of usable dynamic range, and a 48kHz sampling rate on input.
The LM53-8 is a professional unit, designed for use in radio and television broadcast, mobile production vehicles, recording studios, and other applications requiring precise and flexible level monitoring.
• 1RU rackmount Analog high-resolution 8-channel level meter
• 48kHz sampling rate on analog input, wide 70dB dynamic range
• -50 to +16dB standard scale
• Four 2-channel 53-segment tri-color LED Bargraph displays with simultaneous VU and PM display ballistics that lets you know if the signal is in phase or not.
• Simultaneous visual monitoring of all channels
• Extended VU scale with 1dB Midscale resolution
• Adjustable front panel Bargraph brightness control set at 50% on photos so can be very bright is you want it to be.
• 4-stage Gain calibration and display mode ballistics DIP switch controls allowing for peak hold, simultaneous Bar and dot peak with 2 slow release settings of 3sec or 5sec.

Input Impedance
40 kOhms
Display Resolution
53 Segments x 8, 1dB Midscale
Display Ballistics
Simultaneous VU and PPM
Frequency Response
20 Hz - 20 kHz, +/-0.5dB
Sampling Rate
48kHz, Analog In
-50 to +16dB
Calibration Controls
Yes, 4 x 0dBu, +4dBu, +6dBu, +8dBu DIP Switches
User Controls
4 x Gain Calibration DIP Switches
4 x Display Ballistics DIP Switches
1 x Brightness Trim Control
Power Supply Input Range
100 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz with included standard power cable.
8 x Mini-Phoenix included with “rca” cables attached for each channel.

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