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Hello everybody there, :)

I am working on my Open Source - Open Hardware project from few weeks.
It's a kind of controler, based on a Raspberry Pi 2 and few libraries files that I have writed in C language.
I plan to embed it into my 19" x 1U rack (prototype) Valves Guitar Preamplifier to manage all the parameters, levels, etc...
For now, it drives I2C DIGIPOTS from rotary encoders, display digipots level through 24 LEDs bargraph, check the audio levels with I2C ADC to display them on the LED bargraph as an analog VU-Meter or a PEAK meter (several different ways and norms fof that), drive external I2C chips for analog and digital extra GPIOs, etc...
Later, when realy embedded into the rack, I will attacke the MIDI library development to let external Midi "machines" to remotely drive it.

This is firstly a project for my Electric Guitar Preamp, but it could be applied for any kind of other audio project as a multi-channels volume potentiometer, etc...

I have just published it in the famous Elektor Labs to have friends to play with this projects, and I my source code is available at GitHub for free and fun.

(I can't paste any link for now, too newby on this site, sorry).

Any suggestion, idea, participation welcome.

Have fun and good music (or movie) !
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