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Hi John,

I found the REW V5,01 Beta 17 build 2967, last Thursday (9-May-2013), first could not find the ASIO version (each time I started REW V5, [don’t remember the first version I had, downloaded it 28-April-2013, in downloads it states “wizardinstallv5.exe”] it checked for new updates and showed this in a pop up. They are in the REW Forum thread at the bottom, I looked all the time for download area or so on the site. Maybe it’s an idea to give a tip where to find what.

I did see the same problem as silent117 wrote, if you close it and re-open the buttons are back.
You have to re check the files, both are the last one you selected.

I also use the E-MU 0404USB, no problem with the “ASIO E-MU 0404 | USB” driver as bandido wrote.

I have a problem with the Generator; If I “Check Levels” in Preferences, tab Soundcard, or calibrate level in SPL Meter. The Generator keeps running. If I open Generator, and try it by the “Play button”, it just doesn’t stop. Only if I start a new measurement, it stops just before the sweep, you still see it in the measurements, at the end of the measurement sweep it’s silent again. (with the pre ASIO version I did not have that problem, but I use the SPDIF OUT now, to drive my DAC)

Where can I check or control the level, in the Filter Impulse response wav?
I checked the “Normalise samples to peak value” in the impulse response export window.
Why this question;
I also use DRC software and run the correction files in the InguzEQ engine, that is plugged into the Logitech server, that runs on the PC to support the Squeezebox Touch.
The SPDIF out of the Squeezebox I use to drive my DAC. The idea is to have good performance while using a wireless connection from PC to audio system.
If I switch to the exported Filter Impulse response wav file, made by REW V5 it is very distorted, clipping at very low volume levels, it seems that it goes wrong in the processing. I don’t have this when DRC software generated correction files (they result in an lower level, with respect to default correction, meaning no correction). I don’t know if there is a standard to normalize the level for this kind of wav files. I found out by loading several times (switch between two REW V5 generated files) that somehow the level gets normalized. I assume that standard procedure is to scale down the FS (0dB) level by the highest gain of the individual “EQ filters” combined with the “Overall Max Boost” level if applicable.

One more; the trace colors, I can’t find where to set them, it was more clear in the pre ASIO version
Same for the level colors in the Waterfall, they are gone.

I have one more nice to have; Is there a way to “plug in” the generated correction Filter Impulse response wav, in the REW V5 to check the corrections by measure again.
Why, like in my case, I use the E-MU 0404USB to measure the response, in that loop I can have; my DAC (thanks to the ASIO driver), the amp(s), crossover, speakers, back to the E-MU 0404USB by the microphone. I can’t use the Logitech in that loop, to use the correction wav I can only use the Logitech in the pad and plug in the InguzEQ engine.
Some of the other SW I use can be found here w^3.ohl.to/about-audio/audio-softwares just to give you an idea. “The Final Cut” is getting the closest to REW V5, but lacks on visible feedback etc, and crashes easy, besides some display bugs, but the idea behind the “flow path” is good.

Still the REW V5 is the completest SW for this kind of problems I came across.

I use a DELL Vostro 3700 and Win 7

Andre van Bavel
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