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Ill try to be brief. Had TV since new with 0 issues. About 4 months ago started having trouble with my Harmony 880 remote not charging randomly. Fast forward we moved about 6 weeks ago and I ordered a new to me receiver and speakers as well as a new direcTV HD-DVR. Since the new components were not in at the same time I did not bother reprogramming my remote. After the move I noticed the Mitsu remote was dead and figured it was the batteries. I programmed my DirecTV remote to turn on and of the tv and it worked no problem.

Finally got all the components in installed everything and reprogrammed my 880. All is well but it will not power on or off the TV or set the input. Figured the remote was crappin out so I replaced it with a Harmony One a few weeks later. Still same issue. tried putting batteries in the original Mitsu remote and that will not power the TV. Tried the DirecTV remote and that will not power the TV. Tried an old Phillips $10 universal remote and that would not power the TV. I can manually power the tv with the front panel buttons and change the input but it is a huge pain.

Could I have screwed something up when I installed my receiver?

Any suggestions? I am at a complete loss. Thanks in advance for your time and input.


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I can't imagine what you could have done installing a receiver that would affect the TV remote receiver. I have had a few sets with bad switches on the front panel that will tie up the bus on the micro that manages commands. Try unplugging the connections to front panel controls and the remote should still work. See if that lets the remote control the set.
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