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WS-55511 New Problem

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I was given this TV from a buddy because it would not power on. I replaced the 7 caps on the DM board and it powered right up. However, after about 5-10 minutes the unit shuts down and resets itself, after which I can power it right back up, but the cycle repeats. I've also noticed the TV also goes through this cycle even if I don't actually have the set powered on. Any ideas to what this could be? I do know that the caps I got from Radio Shack were 1000uF, 35v, but only rated to 85 degrees. Could this be the source of the issue? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I don't want to spend alot of money on a 6 year old TV I got for free. Thanks!

Jimmy Morgan
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Try unplugging the control panel and see if it continues to go through reset cycles. May be a bad switch.
There are 2 plugs there, which one would you disco, the black or white? disregard

Sorry there are 2 plugs, one labeled CC and the other ZF.
The one that goes to the control panel, or both. The other just goes to the inputs.
TV was on for about 30 min, then went out. When I turn it back on it gives the power loss message on the screen.
Did you play anything on this TV? TV will shut itself down if it detects no signal for some time.
I'd be looking for a problem in the reset circuit. Seems like I recall one of these with a bad reset IC a few years ago.
A cable box hooked up through composite cables. I could understand the tv powering off but not the power resetting
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Any chance you could point me in the right direction on where to locate the reset circuit/reset IC on this tv? I could post the service manual if needed.
Reset circuits are generally in the vicinity of the microprocessor.
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