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WT-46807 No Picture

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My TV turns no but there is no picture. Not sure about sound because I run that through my reciever. But when I press menu on the TV nothing happens.

I was able to get an error code from the power light - 1 Flash, pause, then 2 quick flashes.

Can someone please let me know what this could be?

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The 1-2 code means no shutdown error. This means that the set is either not starting or is not going into protection. You will need to identify what is running and what is not. Do you hear the "crackle" of high voltage when you start or shut off the set? Are the filaments at the bottom of the CRTs lit?
There is no sound of electricity or picture. I opened up the front and none of the projectors are on.
If you get any LED activity you know that the standby supply is present and the micro is running. I'd be looking for power supply voltages. Are you sure that the code was 1-2 and not 2-1?
Yes I confirmed the flashes tonight.
If the code is 1-2 then there is no shutdown condition. The set is likely never starting up at all. Start by identifying power supply voltages. Standby 5v will likely be present, but others will likely not come up at all.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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