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Well it’s the same film and even on DVD it looks like digital transfer from the digital film that I saw projected at the VUE West End in one of the two THX screens in Dolby digital cinema.

I brought the DVD today and it looks colourfully smart in brightness contrast for standard definition. Sound was more or less how I remembered it expect for the sheer ear blistering loudness on the Martin Audio THX speakers that forced me to stick the ear plugs in when Wolverine was tackling the helicopter.

I was sat front and centre row of the screen 7 and enjoyed the whole experience of it despite some of the negative feedback it’s been getting.

Here’s a few frequency waterfalls at 0db level thou I had the film many db down in my living room on the some odd 14 directional JBL control sparkers and the few two subs for bass extension LCRS and LFE.1 sub played smoothly I don’t see the need for hammering my ears at the same ear bending level of May 7th 2009.

Also have you noticed one the very end it doesn’t have the Japanese bar scene rather it’s the scene where Wade’s hand is crawling out of the concrete rubble to find his head lol

The Japanese bar scene is included on the DVD as an extra in Dolby stereo digital 5.1. Why 5.1 its mostly dialogue no real action just a short 30 second ending.


1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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