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X480300 replacement or supplier

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First of all a huge thank you to everyone who makes this place possible. I can't say enough to show my appreciation of what I've already gained from the site in just a few short hours.

I have a Hitachi 53swx01w (dp07 chasis) with a bad convergence IC. After reading the wealth of information here, I see that the kit I need is the X480300. After searching all of the sites in your "approved" vendor list I am unable to find a site that has this kit. It seems that the kit has been discontinued and none of the sites that I visited gave an alternative.

I have found the replacement ICs that are recommended (STK394-160) however I would like to replace the resistors as well to get this TV back to its original glory. Does anyone know if there is a replacement kit for my set or has Hitachi ended this kit?

I did find one site that offers a complete kit however they are not on your "approved" list so I am unsure obout the quality of parts I might get from them. Perhaps someone here has some experience with them? (tvrepairkits)

B&D does have several Hitachi kits, unfortunately not for my chassis. Thanks again for this awesome site, all of the time it takes to maintain it and for taking the time to read my post! I appreciate any help I might receive here.

Dave W.
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Thank you, I'm not sure how i missed that pdf file for the dp07, thanks for pointing that out. The stk394-160 are available at encompass as a Hitachi part albeit kinda pricey. They also have them listed from "Japanese Semi's" which I am assuming would not be a good choice. At any rate I now have the information I needed to get the resistors. I greatly appreciate your help. :T
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