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XBMC not playing DTS HD-MA format

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video is playing frame by frame and sound is not coming
i am using following connection
MSI N210 M1gd3(HDMI out)--->AVR denon 1713
can any one confirm if my graphics card support dts HD MA if not ..can i make it ???
because when i am opening supported format tab of denon windows7 tab ..it is showing only three formats
viz.dts ,dd,dd+
please help
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I'm not too familiar with your set up, but I found this thread at the XBMC forum that might be of some help for you.

tried but no success
when i am following setting
o/p device--->denon avr nvidia(wassapi)
passthrough--->denon avr nvidia(wassapi)
avr is showing DTS video is playing ok
but when i am using
i think the key is my windows should show DTS-HD MA in supported formats
but i am not able to make it

o/p device--->denon avr nvidia(wassapi)or other
passthrough--->denon avr nvidia(direct sound)
avr is DTS-HD HR
but sound is not coming and video is also playing frame by frame
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Sir you have the wrong card to bitstream with, the GT 210 will not bitstream DTS HD MA, you will need a GT 4XX (preferably a GT430 with a passive heat sink if you can find one ), 450, or 6xx series.
That's correct in one way, the streaming part.
But like jriver it doesn't work out of the box.
xbmc has somewhere a folder where the plugins are, here you have to place a copy of dtsdecoderdll.dll,
restart and you will have your HDMA sound. Where to find this dll?
Well I have to luck to still have arcsoft totalmedia theater before I switched to jriver MC.
I just copied it from one folder to another, rebooted and voila JRMC played my HDMA Dts.
I guess it will work the same way with XBMC to.
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