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Xboxone a good blu ray player and media center?

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I have been using a xbox one as my home theater Blu Ray player and media hub netflix , Amazon HBO go .

Is their another Blu rAy player capable of streaming HBO go ?

Am I sacrificing picture and surround sound quality ?

Any Inexpensive Blu Ray player recommendations with good video and audio appreciated .

I tried a sony s6200 Blu Ray player , the remote didn't work unless you were pointing it right at the Blu ray player and the remote buttons had a cheap feel . Streaming wasn't friendly and my Roku and xbox one provided a better picture quality . Audio , not sure .
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Should I use bitstream setting or PCM on Xbox one. I can't get Dolby True HD or DTS-HD to light up on Onkyo 636.

Bitstream should have the avr show dts-hd etc since that is using the avr to decode the soundtrack.
PCM is decoded in the player and will display "multichannel" or something like that.

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