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I have a pair of drivers (CSS Trio8) In their specs, they do not have an Xmax parameter, but instead have two related parameters, "Linear coil travel" and "Maximum coil travel"

Is there a way of determining the Xmax based on these or other parameters?

The above parameters have the following values;

Linear coil travel - 28 mm peak to peak
Maximum coil travel - 38 mm peak to peak

My initial thought/assumption is that the driver has a 14 mm Xmax, but I thought I would ask the assembled experts here.

What say ye?

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Thanks for confirming my thoughts.

I am trying to build a TH-SPUD like subwoofer. My purpose is to see what all the hoohaa is about Tapped Horns.

If the graphs are correct, I should be able to get 95 DB at 20hz at 1 watt, before room boost. I will be testing it against my Rythmik DS15 with two 10" Titanic helpers.

Yup, I have looked at the HR output, using the Danley TH-SPUD design that has been floating around, and tried both the Trio8's and the Tang Band W8s, and the Trio8's seem to model better.

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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