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Manufacturer: XTZ
Model: 99 W12
Provided by: Marek Sound
Manufacturer link: XTZ
Price: ??? (not sold in Finland)

Manufacturer specs:
• Construction type: Active subwoofer, Bass reflex gate or may be set as closed box.
• Room-Tuning: With 2pc of included bass-plugs you have 3 different character of sound.
• Dimensions: 350 x 400 x 500 mm (WxDxH), Foot +15 mm, Amplifier +45 mm
• Weight: 30.5 kg
• Frequency: 25-180 Hz +/-3 dB
• Power: 300W RMS in 4 ohm, 400W RMS in 2 ohm
• Terminal connection: Gold plated bi-wiring / banana plug / pole screw
• Woofer driver: 12", acoustically transparent high flow molded aluminium basket, 100 oz magnet, rubber suspension, treated non pressed paper con , weight 6,5 kg
• Colour: High glossy black painting (genuine piano painting), Black matt painting
• General Info: RCA Stereo low level input, XLR balanced input and high level
(speaker) input
• Phase adjustment 0 to 180 degrees
• Boundary frequency control
• Volume control
• Heavy duty screw terminal gold plated connectors
• EQ-switch
• High- pass switch
• Room tuning
• Adjustable frequency
• Anti-vibration rubber feet

Configuration as tested:
Phase: 0 degrees
Tuning frequency: ~27 Hz (one port plug)
Crossover: Max
EQ: Off
High pass: Bypassed
Orientation: Woofer and ports facing the mic


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I see you used one bung for maximum extension. Wouldn't using both bungs to run it sealed have provided a greater maximum extension?

Just wondering, because I currently have the DSP version of this sub in my front room and with both bungs in place, room gain is resulting in a response pretty much flat to 15Hz.:blink:

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