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Sorry for the late reply, completely missed these questions.

The only ways of calibrations I have experience of is using a specific calibrator or the use of an extra SPL meter. The use of an extra SPL meter is probably the easiest way and less expensive.

I have used this B&K calibrator, but it's crazy expensive.
- http://www.bksv.com/Products/transducers/acoustic/calibrators/4231

Here is an alternative for a cheaper version, do not know if it is available worldwide or only in Europe. There has to be other similar options.
- http://www.amazon.co.uk/VOLTCRAFT-SLC-100-Sound-Level-Calibrator/dp/B003A6D2Z6

The signal is unbalanced, but XLR because the microphone requires some low voltage (not really phantom power).

Do not forget to add the calibration file to adjust for the frequency response.

Thanks Joel wondered if you were on holiday.

Wondered if I could use a Digital Volt Meter with the XLR unbalanced XLR?

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