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Yamaha RX 765 Receiver Zone 2 Intermittent

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I can turn on system and select zone 2 but nothing happens. Sometimes, can unplug Yamaha and plug back in and Zone 2 works and will work for as long as system is on. Then, when system shut down, MAYBE zone 2 will work but most often not. Then I unplug Yamaha for a few minutes and it may come back on with zone 2 working. If not, I unplug and leave unplugged a while longer then when stat up again, zone 2 might work. Is this a power supply problem? Is there a circuit breaker somewhere of which I am not aware? I bought from Crutchfield. they said could be short in speaker wires or Niles controller. I have put speakers on short wires directly to zone 2 connections and get same thing. I have then introduced Niles controller into setup, exactly same thing. I can tell when it is not working because I have Niles unit out of wall receptacle so that I can observe what's going on and when it works, I can feel it in the Niles unit and can hear Zone 2 speakers. If it is not working, no feel in Niles, no sound at zone 2. When it is working, I have noticed that when I select my Bluray (for Pandora or dvd) or select TV, the main volume starts out really loud and I have to immediately turn it down. However, I have come to recognize when I turn system on and main volume is okay, I know zone 2 will not be working. It does not matter if I leave Zone 2 on or off when shutting system down and turning back on.
Thanks in advance for responses.
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Is zone 2 using HDMI? Often the handshake will fail after a power cycle and cycling the devices on and off in just the right order will fixe that. It's not nesisaraly the receivers fault, HDMI is picky because of the copywrite protocals put in place and that make the connection drop if it looses communication with another device and it won't reset without the power cycle.
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